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Digamber School

27 June - Activities

Class I – Demonstration - Matra Magic

A new activity in the series of learn by fun was added by the mentors of Class 1 where tiny tots were given wonderful actions to overcome the confusion of identification of mantras in Hindi. The actions were taught to the kids as per the formation of each matra and then as mentor called the name of any matra they did action. The fun based made recognition of various matras easy for them. The activity encouraged the children to relate the sound and the matra used in it.

Class II – Speaking Activity- Healthy Eating Habits


Good eating habits are the key in maintaining and improving our health. Staying active plays an important role in our life, but eating the wrong kind or quantity of food could jeopardize our health. So an activity “Healthy Eating Habits” was organized for kids. The tiny tots expressed their ways of being healthy. The students discussed various nutrition obtained from fruits and vegetables. Kids were given understanding that they should chew the food properly and eat food on time. In all, the activity was a great learning for kids which benefited them to be healthy and fit.

Class III – Pick Me Out - Pronouns Nouns, Pronouns, Adverbs and Adjectives


....A child always baffles between these concepts. But when these concepts are catered through games, their zeal reaches peak. The teacher wrote 20 sentences on coloured sheets which contains various nouns. The sheets were folded and kept in a bowl. Now two teams were made and student from each team has to come and pick the slip. The student read the sentence loudly to class and then replaced the noun in sentence with appropriate pronoun. Another one minute game made the pronoun easier for our lovely kids. They had to tell as many pronouns as possible in a minute. The learners were excited to score highest for their team. It encouraged them to learn and imbibe the usage of pronoun at correct places.

Class IV – Practical Implementation-Multiplication through straws


Multiplication being one of the most important element of mathematics, helps to improve the basic mathematical skill of our child. This activity was based on multiplication which was done by straws. The mentors explained the concept of multiplication through number grid. Now the students had to perform this activity by forming it using straws undergoing the process of multiplication. The students quickly could guess out the product as it became an easy and fun manner to multiply using straws.

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