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Digamber School

Doctor's Day Celebration

Inter house Symposium Competition - "Doctors - The Redeemers "

It's Doctor's Day, time for us to thank the doctors for keeping us healthy and happy and appreciate nurses and ward boys who care for us day and night selflessly. Doctors are another form of God on Earth with a service motto, love, dedication, hard work, knowledge, patience.....the list is just non-ending.... At Digamber School, on July 1, we celebrated Doctor's Day to pay tribute to the entire medical profession. We had organized a symposium competition "Doctors - The Redeemers" for our learners. The participants were enthusiastic and eager to share the role and importance of doctors through discussions.


All the four houses tried their level best to put their point of view about the qualities of doctors and the reasons why we should be thankful to them. There was a tough competition between the four houses. Azad house discussed how doctors have to give their personal time to the patients. At times they have to leave family functions, birthday parties and even funerals of their dear and near ones just to save a life. Bhagat Singh house talked about the dedication and determination that a doctor has. Subhash house discussed about the caring and loving nature of doctors as inspite of so hectic schedule they deal with a smile with everyone. Veer Savarkar illustrated how important is doctor’s advice. Ignoring his counsel may lead to disastrous health results. The words and gestures of the participants showed how doctors make a difference in our lives.


Respected Chairperson appreciated the efforts of all the participants and congratulated the house incharges. She wished health and happiness for all. She urged the students to remain healthy by following healthy and balanced diet, exercising daily and following routine checkup. She congratulated Subhash House for winning the competition. On the occasion, the members of English club organised a talk show and gave the tips to audience as how to keep teeth and eyes healthy. Yog guru paid emphasis on exercising daily.


Learners were also asked questions based on different branches of medical profession. Our efforts enabled our learners to learn to show gratitude to doctors for their love and care and know more about this noble profession. This day provided students an ideal opportunity to express their thanks to doctors for being supportive and encouraging to stay healthy and away from diseases. We wish health to all our learners and their families.









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