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Digamber School

Activities - 4 July

Class I – Drawing - A House and A home

Home, sweet home is always the best and safest place for everyone. We discussed the topic what turns house into home with our tiny tots. Is it Television, gadgets, household items, toys etc or is it love and care of family members. Undoubtedly everyone's choice was second one. Mentors took rhythmic reading of the poem. After explaining the poem and how sharing, caring, helping and loving change the atmosphere of home, children were also asked to make drawings of their dream home. While playing with colours, they enjoyed the activity.

Class II – Activity - One minute show - Pronoun


The pronoun game was based on singular and plural pronouns. The class was divided into two teams and one student at a time played the game. There was a stack of cards with all the pronouns on them, turned face down. The student picks up a card, looks at the pronoun, and has 10 seconds to think of a sentence with that pronoun. It was a fun filled activity and made our learners aware about pronouns.

Class III – Rhythmic Reading - Betty at the Party


Poetry is an art that breaks across grammar and syntax to create something new and imaginative for the children. It provides an adventure for the mind. To refresh the minds of learners, a rhythmic reading of the poem "Betty at the Party" was organized for the learners of class 3.The whole class sang the poem together in rhythm. Their mentors helped them in proper pronunciations and intonations. While reading the poem, they also wore birthday caps and enacted the party scene. They enjoyed a lot doing this activity and understood the correct way of reciting a poem. Their mentors concluded with the explanation that we must not make fun of others.

Class IV – Slogan writing-Save Water


Water forms our basic necessity. Without it, life seems impossible on Earth. As water is not been kept clean nowadays, our young future shapers actively took a step and created slogans to save water. After learning about water resources and its pollution which is caused by human beings, they made these slogans themselves along with beautiful drawings which depicted their concern for our basic needs. They also took a pledge along with the mentors to save water through various ways and provoke others to do the same.

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