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Digamber School

Activities - 5 July

Class I – Play Way - Shabd Banao

To reinforce the concept Varna Mala an activity Shabd banao was conducted in class 1 where flashcards of various Hindi letters were provided to the learners and they utilized them in creating their own words. The idea helped kids to revise two letter, three letter, and four letter words. This activity added more words to their vocabulary. Activity also helped them in learning the quality of team work as they helped their partners in searching the letter required to complete a word.

Class II – Smart Class - Water, our necessity


We organised a smart class activity "Water- our necessity" for learners. All living things need water. Kids were told about the availability of water from different sources like rivers, ponds, wells, tubewells and handpumps. Through smart class, learning becomes more effective and interesting as one can visualize the things. We made our learners aware about water pollution. The activities of human also makes water unfit for drinking like washing clothes and animals. The activity enabled our children to understand importance of water and its proper usage.

Class III – Picture collage - Famous Personalities


There are people around us who are famous because of their special contribution towards society or because of their occupation. The mentors of class 3 had taken an activity to tell the children about famous personalities and their contribution to society. They have brought pictures of famous personalities and made picture collage. They were also taken for a campus visit and shown the images of famous Indian personalities and explained about their struggle. This activity motivated many children.

Class IV – Edu Sports-Dog and the Bone


Edu sports has been a very efficient way to strengthen the mental as well physical abilities of children. It proves to be a great and flexible way that encourages each child to learn in a fun-filled manner. To teach verbs, the mentor conducted this activity. As verbs form an important part of speech, it is very crucial for children to know about them. The game enhanced the learner's spirit and they could easily judge the action word which the other learners were performing. This game also helped in improving their overall motor skills. As a conclusion, the mentors also explained various kinds of verbs through various activities.


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