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Digamber School

Activities - 11 July

Class I – Match Me - Shapes

'Shapes' is a fun educational activity to help children learn basic properties of simple geometric figures. Children practiced looking for differences and similarities between shapes and matched them. Learners also seemed excited while recognizing the shape of different objects shown to them.

Class II – Role Play - People who help us


An activity " People who help us" was organised for students of class 2. All the learners were excited as they have to play the role of helpers. Each child came dressed up in a perfect manner and enacted like our helpers. Kids were dressed up as doctor, teacher, nurse etc. It was a fun-filled activity. Children enthusiastically participated in it and it helped them to know about the work done by them. The way our helpers contribute to the society was explained to the kids by mentors.

Class III – Learning by Doing - Round Up


Rounding means making a number simpler but keeping its value close to what it was. The result is less accurate, but easier to use. This fundamental concept was introduced to kids by mentors of class 3. The children were given flaps where numbers were written to round off. They zealously took the flaps and solve the sums. It was a fun activity enjoyed by the kids. It was a way to introduce children how to perform basic operations on bigger numbers mentally.

Class IV – Seasonal act-Mushroom in a box


It's rainy season full of greenery, peace, frogs, umbrellas and mushrooms. You step outside to check out the yard, and there they are, Mushrooms! The beauty of our surroundings is enhanced by rainy season which comes with a lot of joy and new things to have fun with. One of the things that people like about rainy season are mushrooms. Mushrooms, like desert flowers start blooming after a rain. The beauty gets enhanced when these mushrooms grow. Our young artists created various designs of mushrooms and discussed how mushrooms grow in rainy season. They also shared about newly arrived things in this rainy season. All in all, they enjoyed sharing their views about rainy season and ended this activity discussing about the benefits of eating mushrooms.

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