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Digamber School

Activities (02 Feb)

Class I – Learning by Doing- Mujhe Milao

Treasure hunt is a physical activity involving mind by reinforcing problem solving skills. We used this technique to recap grammar concepts. Chits of different opposite and gender words were hidden at different places and children had to search the word and then its opposite. This was an enjoyable activity.

Class II – Demonstration- Patterns


A pattern is a sequence in a definite order. Our learners went through the concept using various shapes, objects. They were shown how different shapes repeat to form a pattern. It was a fun filled activity as learners were given chance to complete the patterns.

Class III – Speaking Activity - Village Life


Life in a village is quite different from that of life in a city. The students of class 3 got an opportunity to speak on the topic "Village Life". They were given some hints by their mentors. They discussed the benefits of the village life. They also shared about the problems faced by people living in villages. They shared good information and ended up by suggesting ways to cope up with the problems faced by villagers

Class IV – Smart Class – Shapes Around


Us Learning Mathematics through different and unique ways has always been ensured at Digamber. We tried our smart class method to teach students about the shapes that are learnt in everyday life. They could study about the different shapes, their characteristics, their symmetry and uses in everyday life. They also used the skills of Computer and formed various shapes through clipart tool in MS Powerpoint. This helped them to know about these everyday shapes in a very effective and efficient way.

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