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Articles For October


Rajwada is a popular tourist spot in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh state. It is the heart of city. It is one of the famous historical monuments in Madhya Pradesh. It was built in 1947 A.D. by the founder of Holkar Dynasty. Malhar Rao Holkar used Rajwada as his residence and stayed here till 1880 A.D.

It is located near the busy part of the city i.e. Khajuri Bazzar. Near Rajwada there is a big street shopping market which is always busy with people and vehicles. The architecture of the palace is a mixture of Maratha, Mughal and French style. If we observe its Southern position we will notice the impression of Mughal architecture style where Eastern part is of European style. Dabur Hall and Rani Ahilya Throne are made up of Gora stone and wood structure. Its arched shaped entrance door is made of wood and iron.

Article by Aditi Mishra, IV Mars
Art by Aditi Mishra, IV Mars



We use different type of clothes to wear as per the weather. Clothes are made from various fibres. There are two main fibres-

• Natural fibre- e.g., cotton, wool etc.
• Man-made fibre- e.g. leather, nylon etc.

The clothes which we wear are-

Cotton/Light Fabric Clothes- We get cotton from cotton plant and from this cotton we make fibre. We use cotton clothes in summer season. They keep us cool.
Woolen Clothes- We get wool from sheep. We use woolen clothes in winter season. They keep us warm.
Polyester/Synthetic/Waterproof Clothes- We use polyester to make raincoats, umbrella, gumboots etc. we use these things in rainy season.
Leather - We get leather from the skin of animals. Leather is used to make belt, shoes etc.

Clothes are very important to us as they protect us from heat, cold, rain and dust. They give us a smart look.

Article by Hriday Sinhal, IV Mercury
Art by Hriday Sinhal, IV Mercury

My Favourite Pet


Puppy, you have a cute and a Wagging tail.
You lick me when I come, You bark as you see a mail.
You sleep in my bed And think my shoe as a toy.
Sweet little puppy, You fill me with joy.
Oh, little puppy How loyal and true.
I just want to know, How much I love you.

Article by Prachi Verma, IV Jupiter
Art by Prachi Verma, IV Jupiter



Meditation or “Dhyana” is an extreme form of concentration. It allows our mind to focus on one thing and detaches us from all worldly things. Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to control our own mind and helps to discover ourselves. Meditation can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety and all factors that can prevent us feeling happy. Today’s life is full of stress, which further influences our day to day activities. Meditation helps in reducing stress by affecting our nervous system. It has been proved that the practice of meditation carried out on a regular basis, improves our immune system and increases the energy level, as we gain an inner source of energy. The mind becomes fresh and beautiful with regular practice of meditation.

Article by Samarth Modi, III Mars
Art by Soham Bhatia, III Mars

Grey Reef Shark


Grey Reef Sharks are fast swimming agile predators that feed primarily on free swimming bony fish. Their aggressive behavior enables them to dominate many other sharks’ species on the reef, despite their moderate size. Many grey reef sharks have a home range on a specific area of the reef, to which they continually return. During the day, these sharks often form groups of 5-20 individuals which split again in the evening. The grey reef shark is viviparous, which means that the mother nourishes her embryos through connection litters of 1-6 pups every year.

Article by Avika Khandelwal, III Venus
Art by Bhavya Somani, III Venus

Importance of Books


Books play an important role in our life. It is said that they are our best friends. A friend can leave you alone but books do not. They demand nothing from us. We learn a lot from them. They take us to different world of imagination. They tone up our intelligence console us when we are depressed. They also inspire us to work hard with hope and courage. They give us real pleasure. We should select the books carefully. We should read good books which have some moral values. Bad books spoil us. So we should not read them. My favourite book is “Stories of Tenali Raman.” It has interesting stories. I love to read it.

Article by Shreya Sharma, III Venus
Art by Disha Pawar, III Venus



A train is a form of land transport. It consists of a series of vehicles that usually run along a rail track. Train journey is very fast and comfortable. Trains run through engines. There are trains which run on petrol, diesel and even some with electricity and coal. Nearly two million people use rail transport every day. It helps to reach faraway places easily.

Article by Jay Rathi, II Venus
Art by Rajveer Amlani, II Venus



Peacock is the National bird of our country. It has a graceful neck. The colour of peacock is blue and green. Peacocks are found in the wild state. Peacock eats fruits, seeds, grains, worms and insects. It is a great enemy of snakes. When it rains, peacocks begin to dance. Peacock has beautiful feathers.

Article by Meet Hinduja, II Mercury
Art by Tithi Mittal, II Venus



Bheem is a cartoon character. He likes to eat Ladoo. He always helps his friends. He is very brave. His best friends are Chutki and Kaliya. Children love him a lot.

Article by Navya Sodhani, I Venus
Art by Navya Sodhani, I Venus



Car is a means of land transport. It helps us to travel from one place to another. There are many types of cars. Some are big and some are small. Cars come in many colours. Cars have A.C. in them. Cars run on both petrol and diesel. My favourite car is Duster.

Article by Prisha Somani, I Mercury
Art by Prisha Somani, I Mercury

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